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It's not about me at all.

  • Instead, it's about getting the right jazz pianist for your concert, club, church, charitable or private event.
  • It's about turning the television off and going out to enjoy some live music.
  • It's about selecting the best music for your friends and family for those special occassions.
  • It's about the jazz fan and the live music that he or she enjoys both at home or while visiting remote corners of the globe.
  • It's about the spiritual experience of the young person listening to modern re-harmonizations of 500 year-old hymns.
  • It's about that cool jazz dancer who lights up the entire hall without leaving his wheelchair… and his music therapist dedicated to his improvement(although she knows that he will never leave the institution).
  • It's about leveraging the innovations of the jazz masters: Fred Chopin, Bela Bartok, J. Bach, L. Beethoven, Charlie Parker, Bill Evans, Lennie Tristano, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Tommy Flanagan, Sarah Vaughan, Horace Silver, Sonny Rollins, Pat Metheny, etc.
    • Is it too soon to add Esperanza to this list?
  • It's about the precious wisdom and guidance provided by contemporary master jazz educators: Dave Frank, Dr. Ed Byrne, Rio Clemente, Frank Cifali, etc.
    • And the many random strangers that generously shared their musical experiences and advice.
  • And sometimes it can be about pairing the finest wine with your favorite music (see FAQ).

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The New Jersey Jazz Society is dedicated to the performance, promotion and preservation of jazz. Founded in 1972, the Society is run by a board of directors who meet monthly to conduct the business of staging our music festivals, awarding scholarships to deserving New Jersey college jazz studies students, conducting the Generations of Jazz programs in local school systems, and inducting pioneers and legends of jazz into the American Jazz Hall of Fame, among other things.

New Jersey Jazz SocietyThe membership is comprised of jazz devotees from all parts of the state, the country and the world. The Society publishes a monthly magazine, Jersey Jazz, which contains feature articles, photos, music calendars, concert reviews, and Society information, and is free with membership.